Friday, June 26, 2009

Beware poo

What you are about to read is hopefully of interest to you. The subject matter will predominantly involve the photography of birds which I've become enthralled with.

Why this subject of interest? One can't ignore this incredibly varied species which makes their presence known virtually everywhere. For the very fortunate of us, even if you keep a homestead within a very small region of the earth, the sight or sound of many hundreds of these species may be experienced over a human lifetime.

The Brown Noddy above was a special sighting of a rare visitor to the area I live which I had the great fortune of documenting at Lovers Key State Park for the first time. This is a must see venue which borders the Gulf of Mexico.

When one observes a bird, it is typically at the time of its greatest activity which will likely be in the few hours around sunrise and sunset. The specific environment may have great significance for a viewing opportunity. Fresh or saltwater provides the food chain which may have a particular species of bird migrate through or make a home in the area of its sighting.

In my home of Florida, state and federal agencies are in cooperation for the support of the Great Florida Birding Trail. This endeavor is a benefit to business and enthusiasts alike. It is a goal of mine to visit all the sites on the trail and to report my observations and opportunities you may see at them at specific times of the year.

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