Saturday, September 30, 2017

Be Sure To Be An eBirder

Somewhere between the Arctic and Southwest Florida is a place to relax and do some good birding.

The Eastern Bluebird above (image 1) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.

One of those great places to bird is in Killingworth, Connecticut. With the ability to observe action at a leisurely pace, typically 15 minutes before sunrise and beyond with a desire to increase my bird list, it has been great fun to document my sightings. In fact, immediately after my last report I had the good fortune to see a "double-crested" Eastern Bluebird.

The American Goldfinch above (image 2) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.

Leisurely here doesn't mean to imply that birding fails to require a large degree of effort. A typical morning has averaged more than a few hours of observation. There is sometimes a surprise or two that breaks up the routine such as the incidental when glancing out the window to observe an unusually large count of 15 Northern Flicker seeking sustenance in the lawn and flower beds which occurred the day of this publication.

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak above (image 3) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.

Much time has additionally been devoted to making reports to eBird. You are invited to check out the lion's share of wildlife images processed this month that are available to view there. In the coming months I will be evaluating my continued membership with Pbase.

The American Goldfinch above (image 4) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.

If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage you to investigate eBird and contribute your observations to it. It is a magnificent resource of give and take. My thanks to eBirders Greg Hanisek and Tom Obrock for assisting me in correctly identifying several birds this month.

The Eastern Wood-Pewee above (image 5) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.

The Black-throated Green Warbler above (image 6) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.

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The Eastern Phoebe above (image 7) was photographed at Casa Almeida in September 2017.


  1. Wise advice to your readership Bob! Lovely collection of flycatchers and the Black-throated Green!

  2. I enjoy your blog and superb pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Bob, Lovely series of birds! Eastern bluebird is superb!
    I did enjoy this post!
    greetings, Maria

  5. Hi Bob! I was glad to find a new post from you and enjoyed looking at your lovely photos. I just spotted my first Eastern Phoebe of the fall season and I look forward to see many more. I missed the Hawk watch this year and when I heard about it I was reminded that it was during that event last year that I wished you luck with your moving venture - looks like it's working for you.

    1. The birding is very rewarding here just north of the Long Island Sound, France. Indeed I had been thinking about Vince's Hawk Watch and regret mot being able to make it. Warbler migration is still strong here. I hope to get to the beach soon for a much needed fix.