Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovers Key State Park

Within Florida's 1197 miles of coastline, primarily bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, is Lovers Key State Park. The park's claim of nearly 2.5 miles of that is nestled in the 1616 acres that can be found between Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach on the east fringe of the Gulf of Mexico.

Lovers Key is about a three hour drive equidistant from Tampa and Miami. It is less than a two hour drive from Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park which hosts the largest variety of known wild orchid species at 44 in the United States, and is within a stone's throw of numerous other destinations I would recommend you see.

Lovers Key has been my favorite destination. I've found virtually every visit unique and rewarding. The park is accessible from its main entrance or by waterway available for you to explore. From those, you can walk, bike, or experience the park by water, preferably at low tide unless you are in a kayak or canoe. Traversing the park's waterways to avoid a stuck in the mud experience, be sure take advantage of high tide.

I've yet to explore the park by kayak, and envision that experience without a concern for dumping photo gear in the water.

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