Friday, August 21, 2009

Have You Cleaned Your DSLR Sensor Lately?

Although I've kept the changing of lenses on my two year old Nikon D80 to a minimum, it was becoming increasingly apparent that my camera's sensor was in desperate need of cleaning as I was occasionally spending an inordinate amount of time editing an image to remove a dust spot on the edge of a bird's wing.

A few months ago, I contacted my local Ritz Camera store to inquire about their DSLR sensor cleaning service. When I was told that they would need to have the camera for a month, I realized I needed to consider another option and postponed the work.

When I was discussing the subject with pbase member and great friend, Tim Rucci, a few days ago, we agreed that he would do the cleaning of the camera's sensor for me. I shipped the camera to him via UPS on Wednesday around noon, and he received the camera Thursday. In less time than I thought of the camera's delivery to him, he advised me that he cleaned the exterior of the camera, cleaned the sensor (having made seven swabs to completely remove the stubborn dust to achieve his satisfaction), and shipped the camera back to me the same day.

I can't neglect to mention that I forgot to enclose the camera's owner's manual which I told Tim would be included to allow easy reference on how the camera's mirror would be locked in the up position to allow for the surgery. So, as a result, he also had to spend the time and effort to research and download the PDF owner's manual from Nikon for me.

I'm not sure if Tim would be interested in hearing from you for such a service, but I can't imagine less than your complete satisfaction in his resolving such an important maintenance of your camera to make your photos as appealing as they can be. I do know that if Tim would agree to clean your sensor for you, that the monies you would spend on such a service would be reinvested by him into his gear and the like to allow him to continue to bring us his beautiful images and education.

Tim's work in bringing my Nikon D80 back to life can be seen by clicking here.

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