Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Thoughts V

I haven't been to any of my local beaches in over a month. I mention this because I would normally be at one at least once a week when possible.

The butterfly above was photographed at Harns Marsh Preserve in September 2009.

Some of the beaches in the SW Florida area can be uncrowded which allows for ideal shore and wading bird activity and observation where there's great enjoyment.

I was told today of a sighting of the Scarlet Ibis at Lakes Park in early 2009. This inland venue is one that I should be visiting more often with its prospects for exciting wildlife observation and photography.

The Short-billed Dowitcher and Black-bellied Plover above were photographed at San Carlos Bay: Bunche Beach Preserve in October 2009.

Pbaser and attorney, Bob Duckwall, has an image in his galleries of the Scarlet Ibis that he has observed in the area.

The Scarlet Ibis is a rare species for my area that I have not had the privilege to observe in my excess of two years of bird observation.

The Short-billed Dowitcher above was photographed at San Carlos Bay: Bunche Beach Preserve in October 2009.

As always, it's been fun to read the blog of renowned wildlife photographer, Artie Morris. His education and entertainment is not to be missed.

After a year of periodic research of a song that I'd like to add to the music player, it was finally found through the help of Andrew Linne. The composition is exceptional and a must hear. It is called "Candle of Hope."

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